How To Play

No point spreads!  Simply pick which team will win the pro football game.
1. Sign Up

Create a free account with just your name and email address.

It also helps if you tell us what timezone you're in, so we can show you the game times in your local time.

2. Add Credits

You will need to add credits to be able to buy-in to a game and earn prizes.  You may add anywhere from $5 to $1,000 in credits per transaction.

PigskinGolf™ uses PayPal™ to process your transaction.  Since PayPal™ handles your payment for us, we never see or store any of your payment information.

3. Buy-In

Some PigskinGolf™ games have fixed buy-in amounts, where others allow you to select your own buy-in amount. 

Since prize amounts are based on your buy-in, you can increase your prize amounts with a bigger buy-in.  Please play responsibly.

4. Make Your Picks

Head over to the Picks page to select the winners of the football games.  Be careful to make your pick before the deadline, which is generally based on the published start time for the game.  After the deadline, teams will not be available for selection.

The teams available to pick appear in a Dropdown List that looks like this:

Make your picks for a different week by using the blue arrows or the Dropdown List in the upper right corner of the page:

Be sure to click the Save button that corresponds to the picks you've made:

You will receive a confirmation number via email for all of your picks.  PigkskinGolf™ will not be responsible for missed picks if you don't have a valid confirmation number.