Traditional Game Rules

Before you start playing this great new game called PigSkinGolf™, you'll want to read this page to get acquainted with the Traditional Game rules.  Remember that within the Traditional Game, there is also the Weekly Six Pack Challenge, and you can read those rules below, as well.  If you are playing the add-on Perfect Week Game, this is where you'll find those rules, too.  Remember... you're always welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the rules.

1. Lock Time

Each week, the system will automatically "lock" to prevent further pick submission.  In general, games will be "locked" at the time of their scheduled kick-off.  The schedules of all football games are subject to change due to conditions out of our control.  Entrant's picks must be submitted, received and recorded by PigSkinGolf™'s computer by the lock-time clearly indicated for each game in order to be counted.  Selections submitted after the deadline, as determined by the web site itself, will not be accepted, and your score will automatically reflect as if you made an inaccurate pick for that game.  PigSkinGolf™'s computers are the official time keeping device.

A popular feature of this game is the "Compare All Picks" function.  After the lock-times are reached for any given week, clicking on the "Compare All Picks" button after logging in lets you see what all of your competitors have chosen.  The players picks will not be visible until the deadline is reached for any of the games that week.  As for the Thursday Night games, there will be a separate lock time for these games.  You will not have to choose any games beyond the Thursday Night game in that week if you do not wish to do so.  The lock time for the Sunday and Monday games will be at the time of their respective kick-offs.  It will be your responsibility to make sure that you make all of the picks.  Some players like to have the flexibility to be able to pick the early games on Sunday and then the later games separately.  BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT MAKING YOUR PICKS THIS WAY.  We will not allow you to make any picks after a game is started.  You may decide to make all of your picks at once so that you don't forget to complete your picks for the week.  It's your choice.  Remember that you are playing for Cash Prizes and it's not fair to everyone else to ask to bend the rules.

2. Groups

To ensure that everyone has an excellent opportunity to win prizes, all players are placed into groups of 22-30 players with all those players' scores appearing on the same scorecard.  (Groups of less than 20 players will be merged with other groups before the end of the first week.) Prizes are awarded for those scoring in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place on their scorecard (in their group) in four different categories throughout the season. The Weekly Six Pack Challenge (see below) and the Weekly Perfect Week Game (see below) are individual games, and available to all players regardless of the group they are in.


custom groups of larger sizes (and larger prize payouts) can be created upon request by contacting us.

3. Scoring

The following table illustrates how the scoring works:

Number of Correct Picks
Par Minus Three Eagle Birdie Par Bogey Double Bogey Triple Bogey Quadruple Bogey
For 16-game weeks 16 - 15 14 - 13 12 11 10 - 9 8 - 7 6 - 5 4 - 0
For 15-game weeks 15 - 14 13 - 12 11 10 9 8 7 - 6 5 - 0
For 14-game weeks 14 - 13 12 11 10 9 - 8 7 6 5 - 0
For the playoffs 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 - 0

If you do not make any picks for a given week, the hole will be scored as if you had 0 correct picks and you will receive a quadruple bogey (four over par).

If any pro football game ends in a tie, the result of your pick for either team will be an incorrect pick.

4. Tie Score

In the event of tie scores when it comes to prize money to be awarded, PigSkinGolf™ will use a "matching cards" system to determine the winners for tiered awards at each Tee level.  Among players with tie scores when prizes are to be awarded, the tie breaking process is as follows:  First, ties will be broken comparing the player's average score on all previously played par five holes.  If a tie still exists, then ties will be broken by the number of correct picks on all Monday Night games to date.  If a tie still exits, then ties will be broken comparing the players score on the lowest number handicapped hole and continue until a winner is determined.  If no individual winner is determined using this method, then the prize money for that particular award will be split evenly among the players with the same score.

5. Weekly 6-Pack Game

When you're playing one of the first seventeen (17) holes of the Traditional Game, you'll notice that the PigSkinGolf™ staff will have selected what they believe are the six (6) most difficult games of the week, prior to the start of the first game for the week.  The words "6-pack" will appear next to each of these games on the page where you choose the game winners.  If you have selected the correct game winner for all six of these games, you win the Weekly Six Pack Challange.  You could win the Six Pack Challenge up to 17 times per season.  There is no limit to the number of times you can win it in one season, and there is no limit to the number of people who can win it any week!!  You can win the amount equal to your one-time entry fee! For example, if you joined at the Gold Tee Level, you can win $180 each week!

6. Perfect Week Game

A great addition to the Traditional Game is the Perfect Week Game.  The Perfect Week Game can be added to any entry (White, Blue or Gold Tee) and provides you the ability to win prize money in any of the first 17 weeks.  If you correctly pick the winners of all the games in a week, regardless of the number of games in that week, you win the Perfect Week Game.  And, yes, you could win this up to 17 times per season, too!


When you score a Perfect Week Game, you win the Weekly Six Pack, too!

Survivor Game Rules

This classic game is simple in design and easy to play.  Each week, choose one football team to win their game for the week.  If the team you picked wins the game, then that entry will "Survive" and go on to the next week.  If the team you picked don't win their game (tie or lose), then the entries where you picked that team are out of the contest.

You can only use a team once per season.  For example, if you use the NYG in Week 1, you will not be able to pick them again.  You must make a pick each week in order to "Survive".  If you miss a week, that entry is eliminated.

You can change your pick up until the posted deadline each week... even waiting until the Monday Night Game!  (Though it will only leave you two teams to choose from, and only if you haven't chosen them in prior weeks!)  Good luck!!

1. Deadline to Join

You must have purchased your entries prior to the start of the first game of the season to be eligible to earn any prizes.  Deadline for entry is 8:00 PM Eastern Time on Thursday, September 10, 2020.  No one will be allowed to purchase an entry after this deadline.

2. Number of Entries

Each user account may play up to 3 times (can have 1, 2, or 3 entries in the Survivor Game).  Each entry is treated as a separate game.  You must, however, choose to pay for all 3 entries at one time in order to get the reduced price per entry.  You cannot go back to purchase additional entries at the reduced pricing.

3. Free Trial

For those that have entered under the Free Trial, you have been given three (3) Survivor game entries.  The Rules for your entries are the same as any other paid entry.  You must make a choice of one (1) team to win for Hole/Week # 1 for each entry.  If you choose correctly, you are eligible to continue on to Hole/Week # 2 provided you pay the total of $49.97 ($24.99 + $14.99 + $9.99) Survivor Game Entry fees for those 3 entires before the start of Hole/Week # 2.  If the team(s) you choose on Hole/Week # 1 do not win their games, your entries with those team selections are officially eliminated from the game and there is no further action needed on your part for the remainder of the Survivor Game.

4. Back 9

All Traditional Game Rules apply.  Log in, and starting on Hole #10, pick the winners each week to get a score relative to Par on each of the Back 9 Holes.  You will be competing against only the players in the "Back 9" Group for the end of 9 Hole Prize Money.  Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place players.  All Tie-Breaking rules apply as well.