How To Play

1. General - The objective of PigSkinGolf™

The objective of PigSkinGolf™ is to play an 18-hole round of golf by accurately predicting the winners each week of Pro football games during the regular season as well as the playoffs and Super Bowl games. The seventeen week regular season is the first seventeen holes of your round in PigSkinGolf™.

The entire post-season is the 18th hole. How well you choose the winners of the Pro football games each week determines the score you receive relative to par on each corresponding golf hole. Each player signs in and individually makes their team picks each week, prior to a pre-determined deadline. Players may change their picks at any time prior to that deadline, but once the deadline has passed, all picks (or lack thereof) are locked and cannot be modified.

2. How to make your team selections

You may enter your pro football team selections online after logging in. Simply click on the "View/Change My Picks" link near the top center of the Home page. There, you will see a list of pro football games that will be played each week. Use the "Week" drop-down box to view the games for the desired week. Prior to the deadline for each week (see "Lock Time" on the Rules page), click the drop-down box next to each game and click on the team you think will win each match-up.

When you have made your team choices for all the games that week, click the "Submit" button on the bottom of the page. You will see a confirmation message that your picks have been recorded in the system. If you do not make any picks for a given week, your score is automatically a quadruple bogey (four over par) for that hole.